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My Healthy Foot Alzner Type Design Arch Support Orthotic - Three (3) pairs
Only $219.00
Three (3) pairs of pain relieving made in the USA Alzner Type Design Foot Arch Support Orthotics.

Our 'My Healthy Foot' Model *** Best deal on the internet and service in Southern California! Call Ed now at (714) 785-6986 for an appointment. Direct sales only for the Sundance model. See our Products page to order your new pair of 'My Healthy Foot' model. We ship to just about anywhere in the world!

Welcome to My Healthy Foot!

Hello to Southern California residents and to our My Healthy Foot internet customers. We have been asked by the supplier of our 'Sundance' Alzner design product to provide their premium products only through direct sales and by appointment. We are now offering our 'My Healthy Foot' model pre-molded Alzner design arch supports for online purchase or via direct purchase here in Southern California. They are also made in the USA of a high quality and durable material that will provide comfort and relief for many years. Order a pair online today and you can have them in your shoes in two to three days.

Slip a pair of our original Alzner design arch supports into your shoes and feel the refreshing support and pain relief that you deserve. You can benefit by wearing them in your dress shoes, work boots, tennis, running, dancing and womens heels*.

Give Ed a call and set an appointment to meet at your office, home, workplace, school or the nearest coffeehouse. The precision fitting and size selection only takes 15-30 minutes. There are times, however when it takes longer and we will work with you until you confident with the proper fit of your new Alzner premolded arch support inserts (orthotics).

We have extended hours to answer your questions and concerns. Ask us to call you back if you need to save on your long distance minutes. now can order our 'My Healthy Foot' model by clicking the 'Our Products' box to the left of the screen.

Call Ed at (714) 785-6986

or send an e-mail to Ed at:

or send a fax to (310) 356-3191

Pain relief is just a phone call away. Go ahead and give us a call and give us a chance to answer your questions and address your concerns. Our arch support inserts really do work!

Bonus #1:
Give Ed a call at (714) 785-6986, ask about our products, place an order and receive a pair of high quality durable natural rubber cushions for free.

Bonus #2: After you purchase a pair of Sundance arch support inserts and then refer a friend or relative to My Healthy Foot, you receive a free pair after they purchase a 'Sundance' model.

Bonus #3: We offer substantial group or volume discounts for bowling leagues, softball, football, basketball & baseball teams, tennis leagues, church groups, construction companies, corporations etc. Just give us a call, let us know how many people you have and we will work out a discount to your satisfaction.

We are here to serve you from:
6:00AM - 9:00PM Monday - Friday (Pacific Coast Time)
9:00AM - 6:00PM Saturday & Sunday (Pacific Coast Time)

Our arch support inserts are based on the proven geometry and design of George Alzner, German trained orthopedic therapist. Our products will help you stand straighter, improve your balance and you can stay on your feet longer with reduced pain and greater comfort. We will work with you as long as it takes to fit you properly and you are happy with your new arch supports. We have a 99% success rate of satisfied customers.


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1.   My Healthy Foot Alzner Type Design Arch Support Orthotic - Three (3) pairs
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Who benefits from My Healthy Foot Alzner type arch supports inserts? Athletes, healthcare, trade people, factory workers, food service, teachers and anyone one with an active lifestyle. Proper foot function and correct body alignment is for everyone, no matter your age or your profession.

My Healthy Foot arch supports are for anyone that suffers from: foot, shin, knee, leg, hip, back, shoulder and neck pain, plantar fasciitis, mortons neuroma, poor circulation or just tired feet.

Summary of How They Work and the Benefits for You

Wear our arch supports and get back to what you love! What is your passion? Golf, hiking, dancing, football, running, tennis, baseball or chasing after your grandchildren. Wouldn't it be nice to walk pain free with confidence, balance and good posture? What a simple question to ask! Of course the answer is yes.

Unfortunately poor body alignment can cause a long list of problems that interfere with your full enjoyment of what life has to offer. You most likely deal with one or more of these common ailments: aching arches, sore knees, neck pain, back & hip aches, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), nerve pain between the toes (mortons neuroma), headaches and more.
My Healthy Foot arch supports can alleviate and many times completely eliminate most of these problems. Typically the pain and discomfort boils down to body misalignment. How our bodies get out of alignment is a very complex subject; however we will keep it simple and address one of the most common causes-an unbalanced foot.

The foundation for proper body alignment begins at our feet. When our feet do not function as they where designed, this starts a negative chain reaction. Remember this, the arches in our feet are designed to absorb the forces imposed by our body weight while walking and running. This is no easy task as your aching feet frequently tell you. The foot bone(s) (all 26) are connected to the ankle, ankle to the shin, shin to the knee, knee to the femur, femur to the hip, hip to the lower back to upper back to neck and finally our head. We have a complex bio-mechanical skeletal system all tied together with bones, vertebrae, tendons, ligaments and muscles. When the foundation that supports this complex system is (excuse the non medical term) out of whack, so goes the other connected components above that rely on a solid and balanced foundation which is our feet. It is just a matter of time before we realize pain and discomfort and if untreated experience injury.

When a house has a faulty foundation what is sure to follow are cracked interior and exterior walls, doors and windows that will not open or close properly, uneven floors you get the picture.

The Alzner arch support orthotic was invented by Georg Alzner, a foot specialist from Europe, more than 40 years ago. The original theory based on years of research was to position all the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons of a human foot into their proper place and then wearing a contouring flexible support to support these contours. The theory being that "if the foot will change its shape by wearing improper footwear, what would prevent the foot from regaining its balance and posture by wearing a well balanced orthotic arch support."

Our current Alzner type arch support has been improved based on many years of experience and feedback from customers from all around the world. The original design has been updated and manufactured in the U.S.A. with a proprietary blend of durable, flexible yet supportive co-polymer materials.

Side View of Arch Support

Top View of Arch Support

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